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Payment Notices

Employer Payment Notices in Construction Contracts Payment Notices are required to notify the sum to be paid under the Construction Contract The Housing Grants Construction

Guide to Construction Adjudication

A guide to Construction Adjudication MJD Solicitors, specialists in construction disputes and adjudication, provide their guide to Construction Adjudication. Although first written in 2015, it

High Level Strategies – construction disputes

Strategies for Resolving Construction Disputes The construction industry is inherently complex and dispute-prone. With multiple parties involved in any given project, including owners, contractors, subcontractors,

Debt Recovery and reasonable costs

As the economy deteriorates, we see an increasing number of enquiries about Payment Debts Interest and recovery costs Although an invoice is relevant to the

Suspension for non-payment under JCT

The JCT publishes a comprehensive range of contract documentation for UK construction projects.  JCT are widely considered to be the most commonly used (albeit often

Adjudicating under a Collateral Warranty

When is a collateral warranty a construction contract? When can a beneficiary be adjudicating under a collateral warranty? What will the Supreme Court decide in

JCT & service of Proceedings abroad

JCT Construction Contracts: JCT Serving Proceedings Abroad If the Employer of a construction contract is based overseas you may wonder how you serve court proceedings

How to Recover Debts quickly

Recover Debts quickly & cheaply What is the best way to collect a debt? How do you recover debts quickly and cheaply.  It depends. Doing

Adjudication: did you really mean to do that?

WRB (NI) Limited v Henry Construction Projects Limited In this case Henry Construction Projects Limited (“Henry”) entered into contract with a non-trading dormant company. It

Adjudicators and costs

Adjudication was set up with the intent of providing parties within the construction sector a fast and relatively cheap way of resolving disputes.

contracts terms – ensure yours prevail

Many construction contracts involve a huge number of documents, which sometimes have conflicting terms. In such cases, the liabilities that a party assumes under a

Facilities Management Contracts – PFI Risks

many FM Contractors remain unaware of the true risks to which they are exposed or how to mitigate such risks when negotiating the terms of the FM Contract with the special purpose vehicle (“SPV”).

Payments by Results

Conditional Fee Agreements (“CFA’s”) are a relatively new phenomenon first introduced in 1995 for a very limited case type in which legal aid was not

Statutory Interest Revisited

I have previously written on the issue of what a “substantial remedy” is under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. This is

Excavations near Party Walls

The case of Crowley Civil Engineers v Rushmoor Borough Council provides a number of useful reminders on the need to exercise caution when working near

Matthew Dillon writes in FM World

On the 10th December 2009, FM World, the magazine of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) published a legal article written by Matthew Dillon.

PFI Construction Contracts

Although the majority of Building Contractors are aware that the risk profile of PFI contracting is significantly more onerous than that under traditional forms of

Interest for Late Payments

The majority of standard form building contracts provide for interest to be paid by the employer in the event that payment is not made in

Set-off In Adjudication

It is well known that if a responding party wishes to raise a cross-claim by way of a defence to a claim, a withholding notice