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MJD Solicitors

Fees & Funding

Initial No-Fee meeting

If you require legal representation and wish to meet us and/or discuss fees prior to instructing us, then we can speak with you and/or meet with you on a virtual basis, without charge and without further obligation.


Fixed fee interview

We offer all new clients a fixed fee 90-minute meeting for £200 for those situations where one- off advice is needed.


Monthly Retainer

If you wish to instruct us on a regular basis as you would an in-house lawyer, we can agree a monthly retainer. Typically for a term of at least 4 months @ 25 hours/month we will charge a rate of £5,000 per month.


Fixed Fees; Capped Fees; Discounted Fees; No Win No fee

Our approach to funding is to be flexible and to work with the client to find a funding solution that works for them.

We will whenever possible, work under a fixed, capped or discounted fee regime, which provides not only certainty of cost but also value for money.

Capped Costs means we will not charge you more than the capped rate. If utilising the hourly rate our charges are lower, then hence you pay the lower fee. You will not pay more than the capped rate.

Fixed Fee means we provide you with a quote and will not charge you a different fee.

Discounted Fee means we charge a discounted hourly rate pending a successful outcome. If we succeed, we charge our agreed standard hourly rate.

Although less common, we also work with conditional fee agreements (no win no fee). However, in this scenario you will always be required to pay disbursements.


Adjudication Work

For “smash and grab adjudications” with a value of £35,000 upwards our fees are typically capped in the region of £5,000 – £8,000 (plus nomination fee).

For adjudications over £35,000 concerning true value disputes our fees are typically in the region of £7,000 – £15,000 plus disbursements. The exact fee depends upon the work to be undertaken. We always agree to cap our costs.

For low value “smash and grab adjudications” with a value less than £35,000 we typically cap our charges at:

  • For Claimants at £2,000 + 10% of what is recovered (plus nomination fee). So, if for example you recovered £20,000, our fee would not exceed £4,000.
  • For Respondents at £5,000.

For more information on the costs of Adjudication please read here.


Pre-Action Dispute Work and/or settlement.

Typically, this costs between £500 – £3,500 depending upon the nature of the dispute, its complexity and the value of the issues in dispute.

We would usually agree to apply a capped cost to such work.


Litigation & Arbitration Work

Prior to commencing or defending litigation or arbitration, we will have a thorough understanding of the issues and likely costs involved.

All contentious work is undertaken on an hourly rate. However, to ensure that you have cost certainty, prior to commencing such work we would usually have a funding arrangement in place ensuring that your liability for our costs (excluding disbursements) is either capped, fixed, discounted or contingent.  

In most litigation the successful party makes a partial recovery of fees from the losing party. It is critical to success that litigants have certainty of funding. We work with our clients to put in place arrangements that are mutually beneficial.  


Debt Recovery

For an initial letter before court action, we charge £250 – £350.

For preparing and serving a statutory demand we charge £400 plus disbursements.

For more information on the costs of debt recovery   please read here.


Non-Contentious / Contract Work

All non-contentious/contract work is charged on a fixed fee basis or capped fee basis.

We can provide a no-obligation quote upon understanding what work is required and the timescales for such work.



We frequently undertake work where a client has the benefit of before the event legal expense insurance. We work with you to find a solution that is acceptable to you and your insurers.

We can assist you to secure after the event legal insurance to indemnify you against any adverse costs orders.


Hourly Rates

Our standard hourly rates (2023/24) range from £250 – £330.



All of the above charges are subject to VAT @ 20%.

For a discussion on fees please contact Matthew Dillon on 01277 280761.