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With any dispute, it is critical that the key issues are quickly identified and your opponent’s likely behaviour and motivations are understood. Understanding the law is important; of more importance, in our opinion, is having a winning strategy.

Matthew Dillon has over 25 years of litigation experience spanning all sorts of commercial disputes, ranging in value from a few thousand pounds to several million pounds. Matthew wins cases that seem impossible, including cases where our own client’s barrister has expressed concerns about merits.

MJD Solicitors have a track record of securing settlements that are advantageous to our clients, or alternatively persuading a Claimant that it does not wish to pursue our client. Experience counts for everything.

Very few cases actually proceed to trial at MJD Solicitors. We successfully negotiate long before the doors of the court. However, to achieve a successful resolution, it is vital that the client has the right team behind it.

Succeeding in litigation is so much more than knowing the law. We see our job as turning a good claim into a winnable claim and a poor defence into a strong, winnable defence.

Funding of litigation is always an issue, but we use our funding solutions to your advantage. We aim to ensure that our clients benefit from the damages that they are awarded and recover legal costs to the fullest extent possible.

Our Experience

Disputes are an unwelcome distraction to any business causing not only financial loss and wasted management time, but also damage to working relations and reputations.

MJD Solicitors takes a pragmatic and commercial approach to the resolution of disputes, providing industry experience to ensure that the issues and options are quickly understood and that an agreed strategy is drawn up thus ensuring commercial objectives are met within budget and programme.

MJD Solicitors has extensive experience of conducting complex and high-value dispute resolution in addition to resolving more routine problems. Our experience includes:

  • Breach of Contract -claims for non payment, defective works & services, loss of profit
  • Professional Negligence – claims against solicitors, designers & consultants
  • Fraud and Deceit – claims against  professionals, developers and contractors 
  • Misrepresentation – fraudulent, negligent and innocent & claims under the misrep act 1967
  • Rectification – seeking and resisting claims to rectify contractual terms 
  • Nuisance / Trespass – defending and prosecuting claims & injunctions involving builders 
  • JV / Shareholder  Disputes– resolving  business partner disputes  including unfair prejudice 
  • Employment Disputes – defending &  prosecuting unfair dismissal and discrimination claims  
  • Contractual interpretation disputes – what does a contractual clause really mean?
  • Insurance Disputes – securing adequate indemnification when insurers seek to decline cover
  • Disputes following insolvency  – for and against insolvency practitioners and directors
  • Restrictive Covenant disputes – ensuring that individuals and businesses comply with their obligations of confidence, non-dealing and non-solicitation. 

Matthew Dillon of MJD Solicitors in Brentwood, Essex has significant experience in representing  businesses, professionals and individuals on commercial disputes in litigation, arbitration, adjudication, mediation,  expert determination and pre-action negotiation. 

We have significant experience of construction disputes,  and  adjudication,  

 Disputes are sadly inevitable in the construction industry, no matter how much effort is taken to avoid them. Fortunately, Matthew Dillon has vast experience of handling disputes in the construction industry. 

We endeavour to resolve disputes informally, without formal recourse to Dispute Resolution. Nevertheless, MJD Solicitors is skilled at using both litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution, notably adjudication, mediation or arbitration, to secure “wins” for our clients at the lowest possible price. 

Work undertaken includes:

  • Payment Claims  
  • Breach of Contract
  • Professional Negligence
  • Defects
  • Interim and Final Account Valuations
  • Withholding, Set-Off and Abatement
  • Suspension and Determination
  • Extensions of Time, and Loss & Expense
  • Variations
  • Retention Disputes
  • Interpretation
  • Misrepresentation
  • Insolvency
  • Facilities Management Disputes
  • Adjudication Enforcement

MJD Solicitors represent clients on a range of disputes involving property. Disputes may concern the failure of a landlord to comply with obligations under a lease or an agreement for lease. A nuisance or trespass may exist, perhaps damaging neighbouring property or there may be a failure to comply with legislation such as the Party Wall Act. A tenant may be in breach of his lease covenants

MJD Solicitors is able to provide clients with timely and cost effective solutions on an array of property related disputes, from the most simple to the most complex.

Work undertaken includes:

  • Trespass and Nuisance –  defending & pursuing claims where rights to property are infringed 
  • Party Wall Disputes – advising on party wall issues, awards and disputes 
  • Rent/Service Charge Disputes – representing tenants disputing leasehold charges 
  • Breach of Covenant Claims –  advising where covenants in leases and transfers are breached
  • Enforcement of Lease Terms  – acting for landlords & tenants to ensure compliance with leases
  • Possession Actions – recovering possession of residential & commercial property 
  • Lease Renewals – acting for landlords & tenants when leases are expiring
  • Dilapidation Claims – defending claims upon vacating leasehold propert
  • Adverse Possession – advising on rights & defences of “squatters rights” 
  • Boundary Disputes – ensuring  property rights  are not infringed 
MJD Solicitors | Matthew Dillon

Matthew Dillon

Dispute Resolution Highlights

  • Overturned declinature of insurance (within arbitration) relating to flood.
  • Secured favourable interpretation on extent of indemnity for argued uninsured losses and legal costs (within expert determination).
  • Succeeded in professional negligence claim against conveyancing solicitors.
  • Secured agreed settlement consequent to inadequate representation from solicitors representing client in litigation. The claim succeeded notwithstanding counsel advising it was problematic and included a bagatelle payment form legal expense insurers.
  • Secured settlement in dispute where our client’s business partner attempted to exclude her from their shared business. Our client’s animal related  business is now thriving.
  • Secured agreed settlement for client in long term business dispute concerning property investments
  • Successfully defended c £1m claim for defective building works.  
  • Secured money from Solicitors’ Compensation Fund where the claim was originally refused
  • Secured order withing Arbitration for specific performance in relation to significant retention monies held off-shore.
  • Defeated claim for several years of service charges in respect of leasehold owners owners of block of flats.