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Welcome to MJD Solicitors, your trusted legal experts in construction adjudication, with years of experience to draw upon. Working with a wide range of clients in the construction sector, we are able to deliver swift results with a great success rate.

About Us

The firm is led by Matthew Dillon, an experienced construction adjudication solicitor. Matthew is a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Society for Construction Law, the Adjudication Society and TECSA. Prior to setting up MJD Solicitors in 2010, Matthew spent a decade as an in house solicitor undertaking adjudication and working on construction & commercial contracts. It was this experience that gave him the vision and initiative to set up his own practice, where he could put his skills to use and provide tailored support to his clients.

We strive to build long-standing relationships with our clients, and are proud to work with a number who have instructed us for many years. We see this as a great privilege, and take enormous pride in being a valued part of our clients’ commercial teams. We tailor our approach to suit the needs of each client, so that we can work to deliver results that align with their goals. Much of our business comes through word of mouth recommendations, which is testament to our good standing in the construction sector.

Our Experience

MJD Solicitors has a particular expertise in using adjudication to secure quick, beneficial outcomes for our clients at a low cost. Matthew Dillon personally started working on adjudications in 2000, and has used his experience to win countless adjudications since founding MJD Solicitors. MJD Solicitors are also instructed to defend adjudications that have been commenced against clients.

We undertake the legal work entirely in-house. Where expert evidence is required, for example delay analyses on extensions of time, we are able to quickly appoint the appropriate experts to work for you.

Great Value for Money

We act for main contractors, sub-contractors, professional consultants, developers and employers. We have had extensive exposure to the construction industry and construction disputes, and we never engage junior lawyers, nor allocate duplicate lawyers to our work. As a result, we are able to provide an excellent service and value for money. Our hourly rates are highly competitive and wherever possible we fix and cap our fees – ensuring a return on the investment you have put into working with us.

We have a 100% record of securing enforceable decisions, and significant experience of High Court adjudication enforcement proceedings. The clients we work with typically have turnovers between £1 million – £100million – so no matter the scale or complexity of your legal issue, you can be sure we will be able to help.

Find Out More Today

If you want to find out more about MJD Solicitors and how we could help you, then please get in touch with us today. We are here to answer any questions that you may have, and will give you all the information you need to proceed with total confidence.

See below for an FAQ on the adjudication.


We have a wealth of experience to draw upon, and this has given us a great understanding of the intricacies commonly found in construction disputes. This extensive experience is a cornerstone of our approach, enabling us to provide clients with nuanced, strategic, and effective solutions.

MJD Solicitors was founded in 2010, and that experience alone has allowed us to see how the construction industry has changed and better anticipate clients’ needs. Before that though, our founder Matthew Dillon worked as an in-house solicitor at large construction contractors for a decade, undertaking adjudication and working on construction & commercial contracts. This allows us to bring even more to the table.

We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering exceptional value for money in every case that we work on. Couple this with our client-centric philosophy, and you have a firm that works to meet your needs.

We optimise resources judiciously, ensuring that each client receives unparalleled value for money. Transparent and fair fee structures are an important part of our work too, and wherever possible we fix and cap our rates.

We achieve a consistently high success rate in construction adjudication thanks to our meticulous approach, and our track record speaks volumes about the dedication we invest in each case. Thorough preparation, strategic planning, and a profound understanding of construction law form the foundation of our success.

Whether we are tackling intricate contractual matters or resolving disputes in court, we stand out thanks to our unwavering commitment to securing favourable outcomes for our clients – no matter the scale or complexities of their case. This has cemented our reputation as a trusted partner in construction dispute resolution.

MJD Solicitors | Matthew Dillon

Matthew Dillon

Recent Adjudication Highlights

  • Secured award for c.900K on final account in relation to restaurant fit out in west London. Complicated factors included uncertainty of contract terms and fact employer was based in Dubai.
  • Awarded c.£300K for Main Contractor on final-account dispute. Complex arguments on slip rule following omission by Adjudicator to deal with retention.
  • Recovered c.250K on disputed variation account for main contractor.
  • Recovered c.£100K on “smash and grab” adjudication from a now defunct energy supplier. MJD acted for a workplace interiors contractor.
  • Recovered c.£200K on final certificate dispute for main contractor.
  • Recovered c.75K for framework contractor after allegations of defects were rejected.
  • Recovered c.£70K for groundwork contractor on disputed valuations.
  • Recovered c.400K for contractor for loss of profit after their contract was terminated. It was found the employer developer had repudiated the contract. 
  • Recovered £35K final retention after it was determined complaints of defects were not justified. 
  • Defended numerous adjudications, securing favourable outcomes for clients.