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Settlement Agreements Solicitor in Kent

Disputes in the workplace and employee exits can be difficult to manage, which is why a lot of employers use settlement agreements to help resolve any issues and provide certainty and a clean break for both parties.

Here at MJD Solicitors, our dedicated experts have years of experience in settlement agreements and can help both employers and employees to navigate the potential pitfalls, negotiate their terms and reach a quick and cost-effective solution.

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Matthew Dillon

What You Need To Know About Settlement Agreements​

Here we explain some key information regarding settlement agreements to help you fully understand what they entail and how they work?

What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract which is used to resolve disputes and settle specified claims in a way that is mutually acceptable for both employers and employees. In exchange for agreeing to the terms and clauses, the employee will receive financial compensation and the employer is guaranteed that no tribunal or court claims can be made against them in the future.

What are settlement agreements used for?

These agreements are usually  used to terminate an employment relationship

Can employees refuse to sign a settlement agreement?

Settlement agreements are voluntary, and employees should be given sufficient time to consider the terms and seek independent legal advice. If the employee fails to receive independent advice, then the settlement agreement will not be legally binding.

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MJD Solicitors are experienced at handling all aspects of settlement agreements for both employers and employees across various industries and levels of employment. From drafting and advising on contract contents to providing guidance throughout the process and even negotiating on our client’s behalf, we can take care of everything.

Although we are based in Brentwood Essex, most settlement agreements can be handled over the phone, email and via video call, for quick and convenient communication throughout.

If you are looking for help with settlement agreements in Kent and would like to find out more about our services or have any questions, then get in touch or call us on – 01277 280760.

Settlement agreements can vary but typically will contain the following;

  • A breakdown of compensation that the employee will receive including contractual payments such as salary, bonuses, holiday pay and any proposed termination payments.
  • Confirmation of who will be responsible for paying the legal fees and what the limit is.
  • Details relating to confidential information and company property.
  • Information regarding any other clauses and requirements, such as the confidentiality of the agreement, non-derogatory statements, NDA’s, restrictive covenants and non-competes.
  • Agreements regarding references and the form that they will take.
  • Details about gardening leave if applicable.

The law states that the employee must receive independent legal counsel on the proposed agreement settlement including advice on the terms and its impact on their future ability to pursue claims.

This means that is if both parties sign the agreement without the employee receiving legal advice, the document will not be legally binding, and the employee will still be able to make a claim against the employer.

For this reason, most employers will include in the settlement agreement details regarding their contribution towards the employees’ legal fees which is usually enough to cover the full amount.

We have extensive experience handling settlement agreements for employers and employees, helping to provide up to date, reliable and transparent legal advice, support and guidance from the start.

Whether you are an employer looking for assistance drafting a settlement contract and advice on how to best manage the process, or an employee that doesn’t understand the legal complexities of what is being proposed, we are able to help and even negotiating on their behalf.

MJD Solicitors work to ensure that your settlement agreement is handled in a way that is fast, efficient and cost-effective, achieving the desired results in a stress free and timely manner so that everyone can move on with a clean break and complete peace of mind.